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Digital Weighing Indicator
* The AD-4328 indicator provides power and flexibility at an affordable price.
* Wide range of applications from batching to simple weighing.
* Reliable, accurate, and easy to install.
Digital Weighing Indicator
* The AD-4329 is the choice for a variety of applications: platform scale, packing scale, hopper scale, truck scale, and checkweighing.
Digital Weighing Indicator
* Perfect compatibility with AD-4401.
* Powerful vibration-cancelling filter (High Performance Digital Filter)
* Complete with measuring sequence and transmission functions for a variety of weighing systems.
Digital Weighing Indicator
* 100 times/sec. High speed sampling.
* High display resolution to 16,000 counts.
* Up to 1 million counts of A/D resolution
Indicator, General Purpose
* with RS-232C standard
Indicator, General Purpose
* 1/20,000 display resolution
* High cost-effectiveness
* 25mm high LCD digits
Indicator, Washdown, Stainless Steel Housing, 0-9 keys
* 1/20,000 display resolution
* Bright green VFD 20mm (height) display
* Bracket standard
Indicator, General Purpose
* Powerful vibration-cancelling function (High Performance Digital Filter)
* High speed sampling (100 times/second)/high accuracy
* Circuits equipped with powerful noise reduction