Nanuk Product Lines


Nano Cases

The NANUK NANO is the perfect protective case for your smaller valuable items. This lightweight impact resistant case series is sure to keep its contents safe and dry with the patented PowerClaw latching system and water resistant design (IP65*).
Interior dimensions:
L5.2" x W3.0" x H1.1"
L131mm x W77mm x H28mm

Exterior dimensions:
L5.9" x W4.3" x H1.7"
L149mm x W110mm x H43mm
Interior dimensions:
L5.9" x W3.3" x H1.5"
L151mm x W85mm x H39mm

Exterior dimensions:
L6.3" x W4.7" x H2.2"
L161mm x W118mm x H55mm
Interior dimensions:
L6.7" x W3.8" x H1.9"
L170mm x W96mm x H49mm

Exterior dimensions:
L7.4" x W5.1" x H2.6"
L188mm x W130mm x H65mm