Sartorius Product Lines

CC Series

All Sartorius high-capacity mass comparators are constructed of high-grade stainless steel. This design eliminates the possibility of reactions from magnetic weights having an effect on comparison weighing.

The unique sandwich construction with integrated, strain-free weigh cells guarantees excellent repeatabilities even when weights are loaded in a "heavy-handed" way. Models of the CCS range are equipped with four high-resolution strain-test medium type load cells which are aligned with one other. Draft shields are supplied as standard for all high-capacity mass comparators.

NOTE: There is a mandatory installation fee by Sartorius when purchasing any mass comparator.

Mass Comparators

Capacity: 151kg
Resolution: 50 mg
Capacity: 303kg
Resolution: 1 g
Capacity: 605kg
Resolution: 1 g
Capacity: 1510kg
Resolution: 5 g
Capacity: 1200kg
Resolution: 1 g
Capacity: 2100kg
Resolution: 1 g
Capacity: 3010kg
Resolution: 10 mg